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Massimo Amato

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Research Unit Director. Massimo Amato teaches History of Economic Thought and History of Financial Markets at Bocconi University. Among his books: L’énigme de la monnaie (2015), and, with Luca Fantacci, The End of Finance (2012), Saving Market from Capitalism (2014), For a Fistful of Bitcoins (2019). His research focuses on the (dys)functioning and possible reform of the monetary and financial system, at both global and local level. He is concerned with the problems of the Franc CFA, collaborating at its reform with African researchers and politicians. He designed with Fantacci a Local Complementary Currency for the city of Nantes (2011-2013), was a member of the French Ministerial Committee of Inquiry on CC (2014-2015), and of the Italian Ministerial Committee for a CC for bankruptcy auctions (2014-2015).